99,999% availability and reliability


BSD in Lithuania has a team of engineers who have worked and acquired large projects, who respond quickly to market changes and can offer their customers exceptional quality of services.
Experienced and skilled professionals are working in various sectors.
The world-class manufacturers we work with help us ensure quality, reliability and efficiency.


BSD services include: Maintenance, Managed and Professional Consulting.



We are designing, installing, administering and maintaining world-class equipment. We always take into account the exclusive wishes of our customers, non-standard solutions. We can do everything remotely or come to the qubicles.

We are providing full service: from design and development to installation and maintenance. You do not have to worry about equipment administration and management, as well as wear and tear. The BSD team will make sure that new capabilities can be used to expand capabilities or upgrade existing ones. This is a service where additional investment can be made in extending the contract.

This includes professional consulting on systems auditing, implementation, training, cyber security, usage, optimization and other issues. The skills of our team of experts are constantly improved during the training. We have many years of experience with clients, so we can apply our knowledge on any individual issue. You don’t have to search for and train your IT people, we do everything.