Covid-19: Help

Dear customers,
We want to help you communicate effectively with your employees or customers by offering alternatives to remote communication. Our long-term partner Cisco Systems offers you several solutions:
1. Cisco Webex Meetings - A modern yet simple solution for a large number of participants. You can hold a meeting for up to 100 end users. You can even access it from third-party applications (such as Skype for Business).
2. Cisco Umbrella - A flexible, fast and efficient cloud computing-based security solution. Due to the increase in Internet traffic and risks due to the (COVID-19) virus, this free trial product can be an essential product for your organization.
3. Duo Security -a product that allows organizations to verify user identities and verify device authenticity before granting access to applications. By applying a zero-confidence model, this reduces the chances and risk of attacks. With this offer, existing customers can exceed their user limit to increase the number of remote employees, and new customers can use a free license.
4. Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client - gives employees the ability to work from any company laptop or personal mobile device. It also gives security teams the ability to determine who and which devices are using the infrastructure. Existing AnyConnect customers can exceed the user limit to support more remote employees, and new customers can use a free license.
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