Wifi 6

Wi-fi 6 is here.

Wi-fi 6 is here. Our partner MikroTik has developed routers that support the new Wi-Fi 6 standard 802.11ax.

After installing the latest RouterOS 7.0 operating system, you will be protected by the most secure WPA3 protocol.

Wifi 6 with WifiWave2 Features

    WPA3 authentication and OWE (opportunistic wireless encryption)
    802.11w standard management frame protection
    MU-MIMO and beamforming

Open AP with OWE transition mode

Opportunistic wireless encryption (OWE) allows creation of wireless networks that do not require the knowledge of a password to connect, but still offer the benefits of traffic encryption and management frame protection.
It is an improvement on regular open access points.

MU-MIMO can be used in networks where a single access point (AP) must communicate with multiple clients simultaneously to improve overall efficiency.

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