Optical networks

1 TB/s data throughput over single optical fiber, automatic optical power signal adjustment using Optical Doctor and Fiber Doctor technologies only with Huawei OptiX OSN equipment

Huawei OSN equipment supports the Optical Doctor (OD) system. The OD system provides for intelligent end-to-end, refined, and digital management of the optical layer on a WDM network. Through centralized configuration for optical-layer parameters, the OD system supports automatic monitoring, analysis, commissioning, and optimization of network performance.

The Fiber Doctor (FD) system is used to monitor and manage line fibers in a network. By precisely detecting the fiber connection status, the FD system helps maintenance personnel analyze the quality of fiber connectors and splicing points, which facilitates quick fiber issue diagnosis.

Huawei OSN hardware is capable of transmitting 1TB/s data over single optical fiber, using DWDM, OTN and coherent transmission technology which doesn’t need dispersion compensation modules.

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